Why Doulas and Dads are the Best Teammates!


In the birth space, there is so much pressure on your partner. They’re expected to take pictures, text updates to your fam, make you feel totally chill, and remember everything learned from that childbirth ed class you took 4 months ago - all the while not being able to leave the room for a snack or a poop.

Bringing a doula onto your birthing team can help take some of that pressure off your partner’s shoulders. But despite all the benefits, some partners might feel nervous about bringing in a plus one.

Is your partner wondering what their job will be if someone else in the room? Are you sold on hiring a doula, but your partner is still a little uneasy? Send over this article with 5 main reasons why doulas and dads/partners are the best teammates on your birthing team.

1. It’s all about the Numbers

Is your partner a numbers kind of guy or gal? Well, look at the stats about having a doula in the room. Because of this evidence, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have stated that “one of the most effective tools to improve labor and delivery outcomes is the continuous presence of support personnel, such as a doula,” when talking about reducing cesarean rates. You can’t argue with the numbers folks, doulas work - for you, for your partner, and for your baby.

2. Get Squishy

One go-to move in my labor toolkit is the double hip squeeze. This pain-relieving measure provides counter pressure during a contraction, causing the pelvic bones to flare out and gives your little one more space to wiggle down.

While it feels amazing, it requires a lot of stamina and strength to hip squeeze from contraction to contraction. But with a partner and doula, this move can become a two-man job! Also, your partner can support you while swaying or slow-dancing as the doula squeezes you from behind (or vice-versa!).

Unless your partner thinks they can squeeze you for 18-hours straight, it’s never a bad idea to call in backup.

3. Doulas Remember

Throughout the lack of sleep and all the commotion of labor, it can be easy to forget all the details. When you’re panicking because you can’t remember if something is normal, we've got you covered. And later, when you want to debrief your birth story and are having a difficult time putting everything together, your doula can help patch in the grey areas.

Your partner should focus on you - not writing down the exact times of when you started pushing or the names of the medical staff in the room. The pressure is off their shoulders so that your partner can focus on supporting you throughout birth, and a doula can support them through that process. Total teamwork!

4. What about after giving birth?

After baby comes earth side, your partner’s energy levels probably won’t be great either - a doula can make sure their anxieties and self-care needs are addressed too. Doulas will stick around for an hour or so after birth to make sure everyone is doing okay, then will make a postpartum home visit a few days after birth. This visit is a great time to address all the feelings that come with the transition to parenthood from both parent's perspectives.

5. Did we mention coffee?

Having a doula on your birthing team means that your partner can grab a coffee, or take a quick power nap during early labour without feeling guilty for leaving mom alone. Between the partner and doula, the birthing person always has a companion by their side.

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