the best baby shower gifts you never thought of

You’ve scavenged through Pinterest, read all the blogs, and have spent hours perfecting your wishlist. Your baby is going to have all the things it needs to thrive, but have you thought about registering for gifts that will help you and your family as you transition to parenthood?

The postpartum period should be a period of nurturing and rest, not hustling and stress. Consider registering for goods and services that will turn your home into a postpartum sanctuary beyond the first 40 days. Check out our top 5 unconventional baby registry items that will ease your postpartum period.

the top 5 baby shower gifts you never thought to register for:

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  1. Grocery delivery box (like HelloFresh): make your lying in period as easy as possible by getting meals and groceries delivered directly to your house. Meal prep boxes are amazing - they only send you the products you need to make a specific recipe, so you aren’t throwing out your produce that you left in the fridge a little too long. 

  2. Meal Delivery Train: skip cooking altogether and have your friends & family sign up to bring you meals on different days.

  3. Housekeeping Service: cleaning is the last thing on your mind when you’ve got a newborn. There’s no shame in bringing in some extra hands to tidy up when you’ve got your hands full (literally).  

  4. Mini Fridge: if you live in a multi-story home, a mini-fridge can be handy to store milk bottles so you don’t have to go up & down stairs - a huge bonus if you’re recovering from a c-section.

  5. Spa Gift Card: After your laying in period, a little pampering can help any new parent feel human again. Budgeting in self-care, especially with a little one on board, can be a challenge - but having some time to get out of the house is a good reminder that you exist outside of the role of being a parent. Look for spas that are non-toxic so that they're nursing friendly! 

    BONUS: Gift card for postpartum doula support. Whatever your concern is, a postpartum doula will help ease the load by offering a listening ear and compassionate advice. You get to choose how you use your session - if you want to have a nap or shower while the doula watches over your little one, then go for it.

Based in Toronto? A gift card for Birth Boss postpartum support is one you’ll wish you asked for sooner.
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