postpartum care & support



Dating back centuries is an idea that in the weeks following birth, a parent should be given the opportunity to heal, rest and bond with their baby. But in our fast-paced society, where birthing people are often encouraged and celebrated for 'bouncing back', we tend to overlook the deep and lasting impact overexertion after childbirth can have.

The first 6 weeks following the birth of your baby is a time of amazing intensity and transition. It's also an opportunity for you to lay the groundwork for your future health, giving you energy to nurture your baby during their fourth trimester and beyond, and to become the parent you always thought you'd be. 

Wearing the hats of postpartum Doula, best friend, concierge, confidante and coach, I use my experience and expertise to curate epic experiences for parents to feel empowered in the messy throes of motherhood.

I aim to ensure that my visits honour the rhythms of your home and do not disrupt you and your baby.


toronto postpartum doula

Visits may include:

Birth debriefing

Therapeutic support for managing feelings relating to your birth experience and / or life as a new or returning parent

Healing food preparation & education

Sitz bath preparation 

Massage information & instruction for parent and baby

Newborn care demonstration including bathing / swaddling / dressing

Breastfeeding assistance

Referral to and assistance in attending specialist appointments postpartum

Support with helping older siblings adjust to the new baby

Infant care while parents rest & revitalize 

Light housekeeping

A soft landing for your transition to parenthood




overnight doula support

Whatever feeding method you choose, all families can benefit from a good night's sleep. Without a good amount of rest, parents are at a higher risk for postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. During overnight doula support, I work with you to develop a night routine that works for the whole family, and can even make sure your matcha is steaming hot in the morning. 

Packages include 8-12 hours of nightly support. Whether it's for one night, or a 6-week program, investing in your sleep hygiene is an investment in your parental self-care.

If you’re looking for someone to snuggle your baby, give you opportunities to fly solo and remember you are more than a mother, prepare you delicious food, help you nurture your relationship through periods of immense change, organize cleaning, teach you rad parenting hacks based on instinct & intuition, hold a safe space for you to breakdown and help you manifest a breakthrough, help you assert your boundaries and parent assertively from a place of confidence, take you out for brunches and dates out at your favourite coffee shop, encourage deep self-care practices, worship your power and spoil you rotten – you might wanna hit the button below.