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Consultation Session

This complementary session is meant for the parent-to-be who wants to learn more about how virtual doula support can help you to have a positive experience throughout pregnancy, birth, and welcoming your baby into your home.

Please note that this session is intended to help you to learn more about the birth boss virtual doula support & whether it’s a good fit for you. Personalized advice is reserved for the sessions below.

15 min - FREE

Birth Preferences Session

Spending the time to think about your birth vision and putting your thoughts on paper will get you to educate yourself around the choices you DO have during your birth, and to let your support system & care providers know what you need in order to feel supported and taken care of.

This session provides an overview of all your options and helps you to identify your preferences and desires for support. We'll also talk about how to be your own advocate & communicate your preferences and questions to your team. To accompany the session, you'll also receive electronic worksheets and templates for preparing your birth vision.

60 MIN - $80


Ideally, this session is held prenatally during the third trimester.

When it comes to preparing for baby, so much of the attention is put onto the birth and buying all the essential items, we forget to prepare for the physical and emotional changes that come along with such a major life transition. All that attention on your little one means that the parents are often forgotten, leading to postpartum depletion – physically, emotionally and energetically. Invest in nourishing these forgotten aspects of your identity in parenthood by planning out your postpartum experience when you have the time in pregnancy.

You'll get electronic worksheets and templates for preparing your postpartum plan, plus additional resources to support your postpartum experience.

60 MIN - $80


The ideal time for this session is any time after birth.

This is perfect for you if your baby has arrived and you’re craving some guidance, information or support. Get specific tips and strategies for wherever you and baby are on the journey – from recovering from birth to sleeping, feeding, bathing, interacting, etc. - no question is too small! Many new parents crave emotional support in the postpartum period. We can talk about how you’re feeling with the transition to parenting, debrief about your birth, or talk about anything you like. The role of a postpartum doula is to listen and validate without judging you.

90 MIN - $120


Get support for pregnancy, labour, birth, postpartum recovery, newborn care, and more. Examples of topics could include (but are not limited to): planned cesarean birth, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), expecting multiples, common pregnancy symptoms, newborn development, and parenting.

60 MIN - $80