everything you need to know about baby-wearing after a c-section

Whether planned or an unexpected surprise, cesarean births require a little bit of prep in order to have a smooth postpartum recovery. Being a major abdominal surgery, heavy lifting is off the table for a period of time, and recovery can be just plain uncomfortable. Now, let’s add in the whole raising a newborn thing on top of all that and it can be straight up overwhelming!

Baby-wearing is one great method to accomplish your mamahood tasks without engaging your core as much as lifting and holding your babe in your arms would. Whether you are planning a Cesarean, recently had one, or are planning ahead just in case, this blog post is for you.

First off - can you baby wear after a c-section? Hell yes! You might require some modifications, but all in all, baby-wearing can be one of the comfiest ways to hold your babe while recovering from your surgery. I recently sat down with Milli of Junior Foxes to talk about all things ring slings, one of my fave baby-wearing methods. Milli loves the ring sling because “they are incredibly easy to use, transport and of course because they are by far the most stylish option!”


1. Listen to Your Care Provider

Doctor’s orders are there for a reason. If you are advised to not wear your baby, it’s best to avoid it. If you’re questioning the advice of your care provider, it’s always a good call to seek a second opinion before going rogue. A good second point of contact is working with a physiotherapist to give you advice on what you should/shouldn’t be doing post-op to speed up your recovery and avoid complications.

2. Listen to Your Body

Your care provider might have the training, but you are the only expert on your body. Listen to your body when pacing yourself. If you’re feeling great and energized, try baby-wearing for 20-30 minute stints at a time to see how it goes. You probably have years of close cuddles in your future, so don’t try to overdo it now and mess up your postpartum healing. Not feeling it? Give it a few days and try baby-wearing again with you feel more up to it. No rush!

3. Carry high Above the incision

Try to avoid any carrier that may irritate your incision (carriers with waistbands might be super agitating from repeated rubbing). Soft carriers like ring slings mold to your shape, which make them a great fit for belly births. When wearing, keep your carrier up high & centre to avoid rubbing your scar. Milli’s trick? Keep your babe close enough to kiss!

4. No Heavy Lifting

Most care providers will tell you to avoid heavy lifting for 4-6 weeks after surgery. Even when wearing the carrier, don’t use that handsfree time as an excuse to start bench-pressing that car seat. You are already adding extra weight when wearing baby, so use that handsfree time to accomplish your other tasks, like hydrating & nourishing your body for a healthy recovery, or writing to-do lists for your postpartum tribe to help ease your transition to parenthood.

5. Delegate

Your people are probably super keen to snuggle with babe, especially while you’re busy recovering. Introduce your family members to the baby carrier before baby arrives so that you can relax knowing your baby feels safe and comforted in their carrier. Revolutionary idea - you could even have a nap!


Owner & Creator of Junior Foxes Ring Slings