“Power can be taken, but not given. The process of the taking is empowerment in itself.'“

— Gloria Steinem, Journalist & Social Political Activist



birth doula

As a birth professional, I am constantly seeking the newest research on all options for your birth. My job is to make sure your family has the information you need to make the choice that’s best for you. Throughout your pregnancy, you have a human google available at your fingertips to ask even the simplest of questions. Doula support brings to you, without judgment, the answers you and your family need.

birth doula

During birth, things are constantly shifting. What feels amazing one moment may make you cringe the next. Doulas come equipped with a goody bag of techniques for your physical comfort. We know just where to apply pressure, what position to ease your contraction, and how to teach your partner these skills too. No matter what feels right at the moment, we're able to shift with you.

birth doula

The path to birth is a winding one. Having someone to be there with you who has done it before can make you feel less unsure when the twists and turns come. Sometimes you need a strong voice coaching you to keep going. Sometimes you need a small voice encouraging you to relax. Whatever emotion you're feeling, I'm there to support you every step of the way.


Specializing in holistic maternity care, I can offer a variety of wellness methods to incorporate into your prenatal plan and birth vision, including: essential oils, crystal healing, and integrative nutrition. This varied knowledge is completely at your disposal to design a birth experience that works for you. 

My complete prenatal care package includes:


Learn to integrate tools of meditation, deep listening and self-care that support mental and emotional wellbeing during pregnancy and preparation for labor.

Parenting prep & newborn care

Get the confidence you need to parent effectively, including breastfeed/chest-feeding support. One postpartum doula session once your little one arrives.


Audio, Skype and text communication to support you at your own convenience and help with troubleshooting pre-labor & while preparing for birth.


Two hands-on sessions exploring the physiology of labour & techniques and tools to enhance comfort in late pregnancy and to integrate during labour.


Intuitive nutrition & lifestyle advice to help better align you with your goals during pregnancy & overall well-being.

on-call support

24-hours a day, beginning at 36 weeks of gestation, your doula will be on-call for attending your birth. You will be given access to a private hotline for on-call care.

TORONTO birth and postpartum doula

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Before we work together, let’s get comfy with each other. I like to meet all my families in person before we get to work to see if it’s the right fit. Let’s get the conversation started and book your meet & greet below.