rhiannon langford toronto doula

meet the birth boss

Doula. Maternal Mental Health Advocate. Fertility Coach.

what i do

i help families feel empowered during their transition to parenthood through non-biased support. 

where i go

toronto, canada is my home. but i also virtually support families all over the world.

my style

i bring laughter & zero-judgement into your space. my job is to support your choices, whatever they may be. 


Rhiannon Langford Toronto Doula

my name is rhiannon, and i'm a doula, maternal support practitioner & fertility coach.

It's a bit of a mouthful, i know. 

a bit about me…

I'm a born & raised Toronto gal with a big heart & an even bigger matcha obsession - seriously, it's embarrassing.

For as long as I can remember, I've always been a hardcore girl power advocate, so falling into this line of work was totally natural. 

This isn't just another job, this is my purpose. Helping you be the boss of your parenting journey gives me life.

My goal is to bring laughter & empathy into your space to help turn an overwhelming time into a nourishing one. Pregnancy & parenthood can be pretty magical, and I love helping families realize that.


One thing I'm asked all the time...

"how on earth did you get started with this?"


My career began working all over the world with in the non-profit sector, trying to find myself and make a difference along the way. While working on a maternal mental health program with the BBC, my eyes were opened to how hard moms have it. I was livid as I read through these stories, hearing how all these people went through birth trauma, or medical mistreatment, or had no support after leaving the hospital. This was something that I needed to change.

Since then I’ve devoted my life to helping parents take back their power. I studied Bioethics at Columbia University, focusing on birth justice and human rights for parents in the medical system. I am obsessed with learning, constantly taking courses on doula support, Ayurvedic nutrition, mental wellness, essential oils, even crystal healing (okay, hear me out!). I take education-based care to heart, and want to give you the knowledge to inform your choices, whatever they may be. 


(other than birth):

RHIANNON LANGFORD birth boss toronto doula.png

When not at a birth or home visit, you can catch me sipping green tea lattes while bingeing on the latest HGTV marathon (with my Saje infuser on, of course). 

Boyfriend jeans and a button down are my daily uniform, but I love to get dressed up when there's time. I treat getting ready like a little self-care ritual.

I'm also a proud dog aunt to a one-year old Whetan named Winnie. She's spoiled to bits and I can't get enough of her!



If you've read this far, I know this is the beginning of a real friendship. I hope to bring you lots of laughs, evidence-based answers to all your worries, and unwavering devotion to supporting your family as you transition to this next stage.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. Whatever led you to this corner of the internet, I'm so happy to have found you. 

in love & light,



Birth Boss Maternity Care Toronto Doula

my credentials: 

  • StillBirthday Birth & Bereavement Doula

  • BeboMia Maternal Support Practitioner

  • BeboMia Fertility Specialist

  • Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Training

  • Baby Friendly Initiative 20-Hour Course on Infant Feeding

  • Brilliant Birth Academy Essential Oils Training for Birth Workers

  • Gena Kirby Novice Rebozo Training

  • Milk and Seed Medicinal Kitchen Apprenticeship

  • Honours Bachelor of Arts in Peace & Conflict Studies, University of Toronto

  • Bioethics Certificate of Professional Achievement, Columbia University (in progress)

RHIANNON LANGFORD birth boss toronto doula.png